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February 2019 News Letter


FEBRUARY 29, 2019


The meeting of the Minnesota Valley Gem and Mineral Club was called to order by President,

Lisa Meine, on February 29, 2019, in the meeting room of the Eagles Club, in Mankato, MN,

15 members were present.

The secretary report was read and approved as read.

Treasurer, Heather Callens, noted that she has moved the Club Savings account to the

Federal Credit Union and the total balance on hand is now $815.74..  Also she reminded

Members that the 2019 dues are due.



The Volunteer Breakfast at the WOW Zone was canceled in February, due to a snow storm.

It is rescheduled for the last Sunday in April. Four members offered to work at the WOW Zone

that morning.

Jim Wieseler has not donated the rock equipment to the Makers Space  this winter , because of the

unusual amount of  snow against his building.

The Clubs “Makers Space” donation was tabled because Kim was unable to attend, and bring

the catalog of items, that we could possibly purchase, to donate, to the Makers Space Craft building.



Heather will send the notice of the Midwest Federation and American Federation Show, that will

be held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on March 23 and 24, to all members, by email.

Heather suggested the Club dues be set at $12.00 per year, so for a late year joiner, price could be $1.00 per month.

The motion was made and passed.

A small group was formed and will meet this coming Saturday, to decide on what Field Trips will be taken

this coming summer, and set dates for these Field Trips, to hunt rocks for our collections.

Jim Wieseler volunteered to be our Club Delegate, at the Midwest Federation Meeting in Cedar Rapids,

On Saturday March 23rd.

Dr. Steven Losh will host next months meeting at Mankato State University, on March 28th at 6:45 PM.

Remember to NOT arrive early, because of parking problems at the University.

Meeting closed at 7:05 PM


Jim had brought a magnification machine to let members look closely at items they brought to

Share in identifying.


Submitted by Phyllis Granaas, secretary