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February 2016 Newsletter

Minnesota Valley Gem and Mineral Club February Newsletter:

Last month’s meeting was held in the Meeting room of the Eagles club in Mankato.  The main topic of discussion was 2016 field trips.  So far, there will be a field trip this spring to Judson Bottom Toad State park, and one this fall to Keokuk.

A junior menmber, Toriinlee, held the February program on Keokuk Geodes.  Some details of the program included things to do at Geode Fest, a showing of specimens, and some interesting stories of how they were collected.

The March meeting will be held on March 31st at 6:30 PM.  It will be held in the meeting room of the Eagles Club in Mankato, Minnesota.  The address is 708 North Riverfront Drive.  Please use the Rock Street entrance.  As always, visitors are welcome.

The March program will be a “SHOW AND TELL” bring in your favorite specimens or odd rocks that you may need help identifying.

A copy of the February meeting minutes can be found HERE.

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